March 10, 2011


Proposed Bylaw changes to be voted on at the June 2011 Grand Growl are now avaliable. Everyone is encouraged to read them and to attend the Grand Growl to vote on their acceptance or rejection.

Please click on the links below to view these proposed Bylaws changes

2011 Bylaw Change 1           2011 Bylaw Change 2

2011 Bylaw Change 3           2011 Bylaw Change 4

2011 Bylaw Change 5           2011 Bylaw Change 6


January 8, 2010


Kennel has approved our Pack Bylaws and copies have been distributed to all Pounds of the Pack. These approved Bylaws have been posted under the "Forms and Publications" tab on the Pack Home Page for your viewing.


October 23, 2009


The rewrite of the Bylaws was accepted by the membership attending the Pack Fall Growl. They will now be sent off to Kennel for sign off by the Kennel Smart Dog. As soon as they are accepted by Kennel they will be official, in the mean time they can be viewed in the Publications Tab.


June 30, 2009


Your Bylaws Committee has completed the rewriting of the PA Pack Bylaws. They were last published in 1998 and were very outdated. We will be voting on accepting the new published PA Pack Bylaws at the Fall Pack Growl on October 23, 2009. Everyone is encouraged to read them and to attend the Fall Growl to vote on their acceptance. There are no changes in this rewrite. If you have any amendments to offer, as always they should be submitted as per the amendment rules in the Bylaws and at the proper time (for the next Grand Growl).

Please click this button below to view the Bylaws rewrite proposed

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February 19, 2009


There has been a correction made to Enclosure Three of the National Marine Corps League
By-Laws. Members of the Order who wish to continue wearing the United States flag
patch, may doso.
  See Section IV, item C below.



Shoulder patches are worn on the UNDRESS Uniform and the CEREMONIAL Uniform ONLY.

A.  The Marine Corps League shoulder patch will be worn on the left sleeve, centered on the
sleeve and1-1/2 below the shoulder seam.

B.  The United States flag patch (2 1/2 x 3 1/2) will be worn on the right sleeve centered on the
sleeve and1-1/2 below the shoulder seam. The United States flag patch will have a white
border, and will have theField of Blue to the right (to the wearer's front).

C.  If a member of the Military Order of Devil Dogs, the MODD patch may be worn in place of
the United States flag patch, centered on the sleeve and 1-1/2 below the shoulder seam.

D.  No Service or Unit patches are to be worn on the Marine Corps League Uniform.